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[ANN] Call to support Education project

eric b-3

Have a new Lead like in Mac OS X porting porting is a good sign of  
health of the project, and simply belongs to the project life.

Again, I whish Shaun all the best, representing Mac OS X porting  
project  :-)

 From my side, I have a new challenge in mind:

There is a project (not much activity since a while), exactly in  
incubator projects who has been created two years ago. Namely :  
Education project

Discussing with Louis Suarez-Potts, I proposed him some ideas to make  
it grow, and suggestions, like create a real bridge between  
OpenOffice.org development, and Education.
It's mainly question to welcome, help and involve students,  
professors from High Schools and/or Universities.

Louis was so enjoyed, that he proposed me to Co-Lead the project :)

The announcement is : http://education.openoffice.org/servlets/ 

No doubt some new developers will join the Macport after discovering  
Education project, but the interest is not only for Mac OS X port:  
all OpenOffice.org project will benefit of the work, and professors  
and students from everywhere are welcome !!

Then what's up ?

If you are interested to contribute, if you have ideas, suggestions,  
contacts, whatever who can help Education project,

... please subscribe to dev@education (prefered list) project here :  
http://education.openoffice.org/servlets/ProjectMailingListList  ...  
and vote for me btw  ;-)

Note: if you have other questions, you can contact me directly  
( ericb at openoffice dot org ).

Would be great to see your School or University in the list of  
contributors, no ?

Thank you very much in advance  !!

Best regards,
Eric Bachard