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[AOO 4.0] [DEVTOOLS] setting toolbar name in Addons.xcu

Carl Marcum
Hi All,

I have committed a change to Netbeans plugin trunk for AOO 4.0 for
setting toolbar name in Addons.xcu and setting to AOO 4.0.


I have attached to the issue an example Addons.xcu created with the
plugin and a older developer snapshot
AOO350m1(Build:9611)  -  Rev. 1400866

I've been really busy with work and will be away from email a few weeks
so I wanted to get this in.

If anyone can look at the Addons.xcu file and let me know if there is
any issues I'd appreciate it.
Also If there is a schema I can validate against, I can work on it when
I get back.

Best regards,

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