AOO 5.0 - Portuguese dictionary pre- and -post reform

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AOO 5.0 - Portuguese dictionary pre- and -post reform

Marco A.G.Pinto

I was on Freenode IRC in the LibreOffice channels suggesting them to implement an ODT property for the Portuguese dictionaries in order to accept pre- and post- reform, so that later, when it becomes official, AOO would have to implement it as well.

They told me that it depends on the BCP 47 language tags (not supported by AOO) and there was a special site for it:

Then, they found it was already there ("Updated Mon 8 Jun 2015"): -> search for pt-ao1990  -> returns valid subtag/variant

If we expand "show notes" - it shows that it was updated on June 8th, 2015 (the channel operator said: "assume updated = newly created in this case").

The post-reform is based on the language agreement of 1990.

Could someone implement this into AOO 5.0?

Then, instead of two OXTs with the pt_PT dictionaries we could probably have just one with both variants, just like we have for the English dictionaries.


Kind regards,
       >Marco A.G.Pinto