AOO Base, Report Wizard - superfluous accelerator?

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AOO Base, Report Wizard - superfluous accelerator?

Czesław Wolański

AOO Base, creating report via Report Wizard, step no. 5 "Choose Layout"

In AOO 4.1.7 on screen you see an accelerator that IMHO should not be shown
in purely descriptive field.

I have checked relevant entries at Pootle (for AOO 4.1.2) - they do not
contain tilde i.e. "~".

Under the link below you will find suitable screenshots for EN & PL
versions (accelerators marked in yellow).

And I have a question - probably a dumb one - is there a way to access at
Pootle entries from older AOO versions?

The entry for AOO 4.1.2 I mention above is available at:,target

I was once given a link:

You see in this link "aoo40help". Hence my question.


Czesław Wolański