[AOO-Templates] Commercial spam directing users to possible scam (http://mslivesupport.com/chat/)

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[AOO-Templates] Commercial spam directing users to possible scam (http://mslivesupport.com/chat/)

Marco Zamora
The following template's landing page:

"*Error code 30088-28 How to Fix Guide Office 2016 2013 365*"

is designed to looks like an official MS-Office 365 knowledgebase article,
with links urging the user to get "technical support" at

The worst part is that it is the second organic search result on Google
when you search for the Office 365 error with the phrase "office update
error 30088-28"

Please check your templates, you are being used to scam unsuspecting people
into shady "tech support" sessions.

Marco A. Zamora
[hidden email] | 425.679.9248 <+14256799248>