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AW: [discuss] best product I have ever seen

Lutz Dietrich

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Von: Cody Jackson <[hidden email]>
Gesendet: Freitag, 29. Oktober 2010 03:21
An: [hidden email]
Betreff: [discuss] best product I have ever seen

hands down with out a shadow of a doubt this product is amazing! my new computer did not come with a copy of Microsoft office (that i didn't have to pay for) and i really needed a program that would do the job. this program goes above and beyond what I actually use it for and it is amazingly close to Microsoft office 2003. the trial version of Microsoft 2007 that my pc came with was too cluttered and i could not find what i needed. this product is strait forward and uncomplicated. Thank you so much for this incredible product i have suggested it to many people i know.




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