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Amended Project Plans

David Wilson-7
Bibliographic Project List members

Following the IRC meeting with Sun Developers and information about OOo
development plans given at the recent OOo conference. I have amended the
bibliographic project plans at -'s_Developer_Page

My view of how the Bibliographic API Enhancements might be undertaken can be
seen at -

I have just about documented all my current ideas on these matters and would
welcome advice, corrections, suggestions etc about these proposals.

Next steps.

Whilst we need to wait for some developments with ODF, the Extension Toolkit
and some Writer enhancements (formatted text in fields). There is still
plenty of design work that can be done. We could probably start GUI design
work for the new Bibliographic panels. Any volunteers ?



David N. Wilson
Co-Project Lead for the Bibliographic
OpenOffice Project

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