ApacheCon 2013 is coming, register soon!

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ApacheCon 2013 is coming, register soon!

Andrea Pescetti-2
Reminder: ApacheCon Portland 2013 is coming in less than one month and
you should register soon to take advantage of discounted hotel rates.
See http://na.apachecon.com/ for more details.

I personally won't be there since I'll already be busy with another
conference (FOSDEM) in February, but ApacheCon is a great event for
developers and the ecosystem (hence, CCing the API list) to know more
about OpenOffice and about Apache in general.

You can see a message from the ApacheCon producer at

Specifically, if you are attending and you have blogs or other web
presences and want to help publicize the conference, banner
graphics are available at http://holdenweb.com/acna13gfx/

Maybe we may also consider to add a link to http://na.apachecon.com/ in
the website banner during the last few days when the special conference
rates at the hotel are available, i.e., 3-4 February?