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Application and document icons for OOo3

Bernhard Dippold

for those of you who didn't get the information from elsewhere (other
mailing lists, presentation on OOoCon [1]) I'd like to inform you that
the Art Project has already started to design a new icon set for the
upcoming major release of OOo.

This is meant to be a part of the visual identity we want to create
prior to the release, because some of the artwork nowadays still follows
the design of OOo1.x ...

We have some first drafts, but it's just the beginning.

What we want to achieve is:

- a unique look for each application icon - easily recognizable as OOo.

- a design adaptable to different styles like aqua or crystal, so Mac
and Linux user don't need to create totally different ones that fit to
their desktop. Consistent icons are one of the most important things
(besides the logo) for our visual identity.

- recognizable symbols and colors even in small sizes (16x16)

If someone wants to join our efforts (or comment what we've done and are
going to do in future), please have a look at Issue 54755 [2] or the
thread [3] on our mailing list [hidden email].

Even if we didn't add new proposals after OOoCon, the topic is still
open and will be reactivated soon...

Best regards





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