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Bibliographic Project announces its development plans

David Wilson-8
The OOo Bibliographic Project (OOoBib) is pleased to announce the release of
its development plans. The plans are available at . We have placed our
plans on the wiki site as we hope developers will contribute by adding
information to assist others and to add detail to the plans.

Our current objective is to design and build OOoBib version 0.1, which will
contain the most basic functions for an usable bibliographic facility with:

1.bibliographic formatting support for:
   * complex features required of commonly used citation styles like APA and  
   * automatically switching between potentially radically different citation
     styles (ie. footnote to in-text)
2.a data model that can support a broader range of reference types
3.integration with remote databases

We are, in fact ready to go with the first task in that plan which is to
modify the Writer document-read and document-save modules to support the new
OpenDocument enhanced citation format, and to implement the citation and
bibliography changes to the OOo Writer save file (in Open Document format)
accepted by the OpenDocument Technical Committee.

OOoBib offers many interesting opportunities for developers to become involved
with a range of cutting edge technologies, covering: Internet, metadata,
databases, and XML XSLT and OpenOffice.

Please consider if you would like to help us in the development of this
exiting project. We especially need the assistance of a C++ programmer to
implement the first essential changes to Writer. When these basic changes are
in place we can proceed with application prototyping in OOo Basic, Java or
Python. When we have designed, built and tested the prototypes and they have
been accepted by the OOo community we intend to rebuild them in C++ so that
they can become part of the core OpenOffice application.



David N. Wilson
Co-Project Lead for the Bibliographic
OpenOffice Project

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