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Bounty Scheme Proposal

David Wilson-7
Bibliographic Project list members,

        I have trying to work the best way to set up a fund raising system. I have
done some research and none of the public pledge systems seems suitable.
Escrow systems such as are not suitable for collecting small
amounts of money from many people. They want to deal with only one buyer and
one seller. They are useful for guaranteeing payment on delivery.

In setting a funds collecting system I have several objectives, avoid  
handling actual cash/cheques etc as much as possible, and I do not want to
take money from people if we can not be reasonably sure it will be put to the
use that they expect. So the following scheme is what I have came up with-

1. We devise tasks and their appropriate bounty US dollar value for each. We
display these on our web site where we request developers make offers to work
on the tasks.
2. We request people to pledge money (publicly or privately) and the amounts
pledged would be display on our web site against each task. A table like this
-  "Task description", "Funds pledged $s", "Developer Available Y/N", "Funds
Collected $s", "Status".
3. When the value of the money pledged equals the bounty value, and we have a
developer offering to do the work, we request the people who have pledged
money to place those funds into a PayPal account (I would set up a sellers'
account for this purpose).  If the funds promised are not delivered and we
can not collect the required  amount the funds with a stated time frame, we
could return the funds to the donors if they want.
4. When the money for the task was collected it could be placed in a escrow
account, such as the one provided by, to be paid to the
developer on receipt and acceptance of the completed code.(We might be able  
skip this step, and save the fee, if we are dealing with someone who we know
and who trusts us.)
5. When the money is available we can ask the developer to do the work.
6. When the completed code is delivered and accepted the developer is paid.
(we need to make sure we have clearly defined the task deliverables, to avoid
any dispute).

In the event of the collapses or failure of this project any remaining funds  
would be donated to the OpenOffice fund - Team e.V.

I suggest this two step scheme, pledges and then collection, as I do not want
to take money from people unless there there is a fair change the task will
actually be fully funded and a developer is willing to do the job.

I would be pleased to get any comments or suggestions for improvements to the


David N. Wilson
Co-Project Lead for the Bibliographic
OpenOffice Project

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