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Building while SourceForge is down

Andrea Pescetti-2
As discussed in we can't do a clean build
while SourceForge is down, to to the fact that oooextras.mirror (where
we keep some libraries) is unreachable.

I've created a temporary mirror with the files I had locally and with
some more files (especially extensions) that Matthias provided.

In a completely clean build, you will need to:

1) Change your configure options as follows (to get dmake and epm):


2) Change the fallback URL in external_deps.lst as follows:


3) Change URLs in extensions.lst as follows:

  # English dictionary
  [ language=en.* || language=de || language=it ]
-    f4cb089a1101cc06e49d8bbb2886e5cf 
+    f4cb089a1101cc06e49d8bbb2886e5cf 

Hopefully the SourceForge outage will be resolved soon, so the above
changes are not worth committing.

Still, once SourceForge comes back we will want to implement a more
complete backup plan, something like the following:

1. An emergency space on an ASF server (possibly password-protected
while it is not in use) that mirrors oooextras.mirror and is regularly
synchronized from it.

2. A refactoring of extensions.lst that makes it possible to switch URLs
more easily

3. A mirror of all bundled extensions (not ALL extensions, just the ones
we bundle), as a subset of the previous mirror

Hopefully, this will allow to build when SourceForge is down (hoping
this means "never"!) by simply changing a couple lines.


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