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C# and *.odb

Ulrich Gebauer
Dear Sirs,

as a programmer in C# I use the ACCESS-DB of MS for data storage. For
this I use the following program sequence:
" // 0050 Establish connection to the OleDb - Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB must
be included ! ! !
string sfp = path;
string vzf = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + sfp
+"\\\MyGarerten.mdb; "+"Jet          OLEDB:Database Password=MeiGa;";
ocon.Open();                                         // Open connection

A table is accessed by SQL command:
"sql = "SELECT * FROM t_beet";
  OleDbCommand cmd0 = new OleDbCommand(sql,ocon);
  cmd0.Connection = ocon;
  OleDbDataReader dr0 = cmd0.ExecuteReader();"

BUT: I am interested in your Open Office database and would like to use
it in my C# projects as well. Unfortunately I have not yet found any
access function(s).
In your renowned company there is surely a solution for C#, which I
would like to ask you for.

Many thanks in advance.

Friendly greetings

Mr. Ulrich Gebauer

PS: for instance:  database: DB-OpenOffice.odb, table: Konten

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