CP Hennessy: Winner, March Round Article Contest

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CP Hennessy: Winner, March Round Article Contest

Louis Suárez-Potts-3

New Developer Article Contest Winner: CP Hennessy!

CP Hennessy has won the latest round of the contest with an excellent  
article on the citation facilities of OpenOffice.org. Titled,  
"Current Implementation of the OpenOffice.org Bibliographic  
Component," the work examines "the APIs available to the programmer  
to manipulate the citation data, and how these API calls actually map  
to real C++ classes in the OpenOffice.org source code."

Winners of the rolling competition (a new one started for April at  
the beginning of the month; deadline is end of April) receive US $750  
plus a lot of recognition and the satisfaction of knowing they are  
helping developers further OpenOffice.org.

About CP: The CTO of OpenApp.biz, a content and document management  
company using the features of OpenOffice.org, CP has been a longtime  
contributor to OpenOffice.org who has previously done valuable work  
helping users, developers, and the general community work better  
together. Congratulations CP!

You can find the article at

Current_Implementation_of_the_OpenOffice.org_Bibliographic_Component >



Louis Suarez-Potts
Community Manager

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