CWS printerpullpages delayed to OOo 3.3

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CWS printerpullpages delayed to OOo 3.3

Philipp Lohmann
I regret to have to announce that CWS printerpullpages (covering a
revised printing experience) just changed release to OOo 3.3. While it
is "almost done" (there really are only finishing touches left to do to
be feature complete), we will not have the time before 3.2 branch off to
do the proper testing and getting user input that this CWS requires and

Integrating this CWS to the ongoing development tree soon after branch
off will give us the opportunity to collect user feedback and fix the
small things that are invariably broken after such a large scale change.

My thanks go to all the people who have been and still are working hard
on this CWS. All this work should result in getting this right in a 3.3,
not integrate prematurely into 3.2.

Kind regards, pl

"One SVN to rule them all, One SVN to check out from,
  One SVN to commit them all and on the harddisks bind them
  In Las Vegas where the server lies."

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