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Change of address for Authors mailing list

Jean Hollis Weber-3
Effective immediately, the Authors mailing list has been moved to a
new home, [hidden email]

This move is necessary because user-faq is no longer a supported/valid
project and will not be included in the move to the new hosting
infrastructure for OOo.

All current subscribers have been copied over to the new list. You do
not have to resubscribe. However, you may need to change your email
filters to ensure you receive messages from the new list. Apologies
for the inconvenience.

Please do NOT use the user-faq address any more. The old list will
remain available for posts until 31 March, after which it will be
locked down against new postings, and subscribers will be removed.

I will be updating the links from the OOoAuthors website and anywhere
else I can find that points to the user-faq address, but if you spot
any I've missed, please let me know.

Archives for the original list will be preserved, though at this point
we're not sure exactly where. There may be a period of time in which
they are not available.

Jean Hollis Weber
Co-Lead, Documentation Project,

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