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Compendium of Infographic - Invitation

Anita Bednarczyk


I have been following your product for years and I'm impressed by your growth and progress of your solution. I offer your product to my audience and they are very happy about it and satisfied by using it.


I'm in the process of writing the first book about infographic in Poland - "Compendium of Infographic". Currently I'm researching the tools to create infographics. Your tool is on my list as being one of the best program for Infographics Designer. 


I want to invite your Company to become the project’s Patronage. The patronage of the main project will be shown on this site: 


Feel free to visit my social media and write me back if you'll have any questions.


This is my site: 

This is page with tools:

This is my fan page: 


I'm looking forward to hearing from you,


Best Regards, 

Anita Bednarczyk 


Infografika Polska

Compendium of Infographic

Institute of Infographic Development