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Defect openoffice base

I’m using windows 10
My openoffice base dont work anymore and I cant fix it. Tried to uninstall and reinstall and cleaned register with cc cleaner.

Error messages: Cant connect to datasorce. Can’t find SDBC drive routine. Before this reinstall and register cleaning it said it was defect Java.

Verktyg/Alternativ/Java: messiges box says ”JRE already installed” after uninstall/reinstall and register cleaning with cc cleaner. And no java to chose in the box.
Unable to add Another JRE: Box says: Your mapp chosen have no JRE whatever java I try.

Do you have any program with Clean away any remains left after uninstall? Or any other sulotions

Goran Andersson (have the Swedish open office v. 4.1.3)  [hidden email]

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