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Dicollecte: version 0.9

Olivier R.-2

A new version of Dicollecte has been released.

The presentation of Dicollecte:
Some screenshots are already obsolete, as I made few changes during

= Changelog =

== 0.9 -------------------------- 2009-11-30 ==

  * changed: license is now GPL
  * changed: dicollecte now use the library PDO instead of pgsql
  * new: installer
  * new: tags
  * new: Hunspell morphological fields
  * new: import and export dictionary
  * new: import and export thesaurus
  * new: statistics
  * new: thesaurus history
  * new: search with regular expressions in the dictionary
  * new: comments edition
  * reworked: administration panel and ui edition
  * reworked: log of actions
  * reworked: code
  * reworked: theme
  * fixed: a lot of bugs
  * a lot of small improvements

Olivier R.

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