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Dubiuos entry?

Czesław Wolański

Pootle  informs me:

Polish > Apache OpenOffice 4.2 > UI > cui/source/options.po > Unit #14634962

Locations: optfltr.src#RID_OFAPAGE_MSFILTEROPT2.ST_HEADER2.string.text

PLACEHOLDERS icon - in red

Entry to check: French [E], English [S], Polish [Z]

I have looked into file "optfltr.src" ---> Text [ en-US ] = "[L]" & Text [
en-US ] = "[S]"

Seems to me both refer to column headers in Tools > Options > Load/Save >
Microsoft Office

French  [C]  - [E]
English [L]  -  [S]
Polish   [Ł]  -  [Z]

I've read info on Placeholders at
and have no idea whatsover what should I check (except for my skills...)

Please advise,

Czesław Wolański