[EXT] Possible causes of a registered extension not being activated

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[EXT] Possible causes of a registered extension not being activated

Amenel Voglozin-2
This message is more a call for sharing experience than a real question
about a specific extension development problem.

I have developed a free extension (in Java) called Oblivion and which is
referenced on extensions.openoffice.org, and one of my users has reported a
problem that nobody else has ever met.

More precisely, Oblivion consists of a dialog box that lists previously
opened files. A menu entry with one subitem is added to the environment.
The dialog box can also be opened using an accelerator (shortcut key).

However, for this user, the menu item is grayed out, which means that the
extension did not initialize correctly. As a tentative fix, I have added
logging capacity to the extension but logging that the initialization
succeeded or failed can only happen after the extension has been
instantiated by OpenOffice, which does not happen.

The same user installed the extension on another computer of his and it
works just fine. Both of his computers run Windows 10 and a version of
OpenOffice (the latest to date) with which my extension is compatible. His
Java installations are identical and I made him install the latest JRE,
which is correctly identified in the Tools - Options dialog.

I'm out of ideas for possible causes for this problem. In case someone has
ever had to deal with a similar problem, your sharing of your experience
may point me to the right direction.

Thank you.