English Dictionaries updated - 1-JAN-2016

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English Dictionaries updated - 1-JAN-2016

Marco A.G.Pinto

I have updated the English Dictionaries.

The official release date was 1-JAN-2016 but everything has been ready for a week already.

You can wait a few days until AOO triggers it, or download it now from the official site:

Also, I have updated all pages of the Proofing Tool GUI project:
This includes a new installation guide with new information and screenshots.

The changes in this version are:
- Updated en_GB (721 new words).
Added 721 new words, including lots of Star Wars proper names.

Even the Oxford Dictionaries have words such as "Jedi" and "lightsabre", so it was about time I added most of them.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Kind regards from your friend and brother,
        >Marco A.G.Pinto