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Carlos Menezes
Dear all,

I'm a developer of CoGrOO, a Grammar Checker to OpenOffice. Nowadays, we have a Brazilian-Portuguese checker.
This is our site of CoGrOO 1.X (English and Portuguese text):

An interview to Louis about CoGrOO (English):

This is our site of CoGrOO 2.X (only Portuguese text, sorry):

Statistics about project activity:

A paper about CoGrOO's architecture (English):

I'm writing to these lists because we are porting CoGrOO to English language; we need a help of English native-language linguists (we estimate 250 hours-man of work) to:
- Help us to  define what is the public target of this tool: foreigner or native speakers? Maybe both?
- Estimate top-100 mistakes of this public target.
- Write simple rules, according to our templates, to detect the most of these mistakes.
- Test rules in our prototype.
- Refine rules.


Please, who is interested to help this project, contact me at my private e-mail.


Carlos Menezes

P.S.: As soon as possible, Abiword will be able to use CoGrOO! Gabriel Bakiewicz, member of CoGrOO team who participates of Google Summer of Code 2007, develops a plugin to  this (look at attached image).

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