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Extension matematica en los repo.

Alexandro Colorado-3
Les comparto una nueva extension que se lanzo en los repositorios de  
OpenOffice.org. Es creo que muy interesante para lo del estudio  
matematico. Su nombre es SLAMLib y la cantidad de funcionalidad es  
realmente impresionante. Aun no lo he instalado en mi OOo pero creo que  
promete mucho.


Simple Linear Algebra and Math Library.

Adds some useful functions mainly for matrix manipulation to Calc such as:
Polyfit - returns polynomial P of n'th degree from the set of variables X  
and Y.
Polyval - returns fitted values Y from the polynomial P and the variables  
QR - QR factorisation of matrix A such as QR = A.
Norm - returns Euclidean length of X.
Rref - reduced row echelon form of matrix A.
Gaussel - Gaussian elimination of matrix A.
Backsub - perform backwards substitution of linear equation system which  
is on reduced row form.
Zeros - produces an r by c matrix with zeros.
Ones - produces an r by c matrix with ones.
Eye - produces an r by c matrix with ones on the main diagonal and all  
other elements zero.
Triu - zeros out all element on the lower left triangle of a matrix.

Provided functions may assist in solving e.g. linear equation systems and  
least square problem. The long outstanding missing feature of polynomial  
trend line may easily be constructed with the use of Polyfit and Polyval.  
For a brief description on usage, use the Function Wizard.


Alexandro Colorado
OOoES A.C - http://oooes.org
GPG: 68D072E6

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