External and internal HSQLDB without distinguishing

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External and internal HSQLDB without distinguishing

Robert Großkopf

I wanted to use the external HSQLDB. Tried this in OOo 3.1.1. It works
with a "little" mistake. In the properties-file of the intern databases
is written the version from the extern hsqldb.jar.

So with newer versions of OOo the files could not be opened. They were
blocked with a warning, that the file is created with a newer version of

OOo 3.3 handles it the same way if you will use an external and an
internal version of hsqldb. You could not change any data of internal
database after saving the file and trying to open it again when there is
an external hsqldb.jar with a newer version in the classpath.

For a normal user like me it is a bug, that it does not work. Why
couldn't OpenOffice distinguish between internal and external version of

A warning when trying to open the database is ok, if there could be lost
data. So it could be a problem when using the version 2 of hsqldb, but
not the version external and the internal.



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