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Sean Drohan

Have been using Base for some time and recently installed OO 2.0 on a brand
new machine when it was released.  What I can't seem to do now is edit any
field names in any existing databases or any in newly created tables.

After right click on a table, "edit", and with the "Edit file" button
active, it will not allow me to edit any existing field names or their data
types.  What I can do, and is even more odd, is add as many field names,
select data types for them and with the table still open, edit the newly
created names but still not any that already existed in that table.  If I
"save" and "close" the table, "edit" again, I can not edit any field names,
even the newly added ones.  When the table is in "edit" mode, the "edit
file" button is active but if I click it to deactivate it, it then grays out
and is not selectable again. I can add / edit data into rows just fine.  I
did not have this problem with prior versions.  

I am connecting to MySQL version 4.1, same permissions as on previous
installs of Base.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sean Drohan

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