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ProPrinting Solutions
I am a prepressman at a print shop,
and we have customers who send us complicated documents in Word that we
want to touch as little as possible, as it is more of a liability the
more we alter a customer's art.

When using the standard colors, even what is labeled as "black" comes
out as a CMYK mix on our plates and in Acrobat's "Separation Preview".
We need 100% black with no other colors.

I noted that you can add a CMYK K (0,0,0,100), so I added that color to
the color palette, but even with text with this color still prints to
the aforementioned color mix. It appears that no matter what color I
choose, it still exports the file in RGB colorspace. Is there a way to
export it in a CMYK colorspace?

Currently I am printing to a .prn file with settings for our plate
maker and distilling it with Adobe Distiller. We've had this problem
with Microsoft's Office products, and it would be absolutely awesome if
there was some way to get around it with Openoffice.

If you've any experience with this or know of a workaround or a direct
solution, I would be most appreciative.

Thank you for your time.

Also, I am not currently subscribed to any newsgroup and if I could get CC'd with any replies, that would be great. Thanks!

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