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Martin Groenescheij

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Subject: [AOO-Templates]
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 12:14:03 +0100
From: Gerhard Schmidt <[hidden email]>
Reply-To: [hidden email]
To: [hidden email]

A horrible website. Nothing works.


I am searching for a standard template (formal letter). I selected "Private"
and "Writer". I got thrown with hundreds of results. Absolutely unusable, no
overview possible. No specific characteristics of all those templates
provided, just names that say nothing but are just phantasy. Add some more
hundreds of such templates with fancy names, the user will not be able to
understand what is offered.


Ok. I selected "Sort by ranking" to just get the best four. You know what
happens now? The list now begins with the lowest ranked templates. Ok, click
on "Sort downwards". I got thrown at with by hundreds of presentation
templates. Clicking on the sort criteria just clears the "private" and
"Writer" selection. Ok, so select those again. You know what happens now:
that clears the "Sort" preference. A nice example on how to program a
one-way-street, driving the user crazy. Whatever I do, I do not get what I


Ok, just take the first in the list, whatever ranking it has. I click on
"Download template". Nothing happens. I click again, nothing happens. I
click on "Download the linked document", nothing happens. Ok, I select "Copy
link" and want to go directly to the document. You know what: my Firefox is
completely frozen. It is impossible to open a new tab or a new window. I
cannot open the other open tabs in Firefox, the web site does not even open
a new tab in Firefox. This website blocks Firefox completely. Horrible.


Please, remove this website and the link in OpenOffice to that site. Just
try to set up a completely new site and a completely new design. Scrap that
shit, it is horrible. Please test your new website with at least ten users
with different operating systems and browsers. If one of those ten users
need more than ten seconds to find the formal letter template and to install
this, scrap the site again and again start from scratch.