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Subject: Armenian Hyphenation
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 22:33:47 -0700
From: Hrant H Papazian <[hidden email]>
To: [hidden email], [hidden email]

Dear Kevin, Richard,
I'm redesigning a long-standing Armenian newspaper and
in the process am trying to get them to switch from the
typical hacked 8-bit encoding to Unicode. The problem
is that I would need to replace their hyphenation plug-
in (which works on PageMaker 6, and notably not 7) so
that they can switch to Unicode, preferably in InDesign.
I've heard that TeX and InDesign have a large degree of
overlap in terms of such extensions so I'm hoping this
might be a good place to ask the following: what would
it take to build such a plug-in for InDesign?

Note: they have an in-house expert linguist who can
compile the rules using some syntax, presumably
into some external "dictionary" file.

Please Advise,
Hrant Papazian

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