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Fwd: Contribute to Apache Open Office documentation

Peter Kovacs-3
Hi all,

Forwarding to the Development list.


you have a Idea what exactly you want to document, or where you want to
I will add you to the list on what is beeing worked on. Sadly we have no
real Work packages for the Wiki.
Maybe that would be a starting point?

Also depending on the Mother tong you speak, we would need Help at
translating the Help pages from english to other Languages.
That is a defined and ready< to go work process. But a different one
that you are looking at.

All the Best

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Betreff: Contribute to Apache Open Office documentation
Datum: Sat, 16 May 2020 01:10:50 +0530
Von: Harshita Krishnachandran <[hidden email]>
Antwort an: [hidden email]
An: [hidden email]

I am a technical writer by profession and I would like to volunteer and
contribute to the documentation set.
Please create a wiki account for:
Username: hashkc23
Email: [hidden email]

Thank you.
Harshita K