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Rich Bowen
FYI - I wanted to be sure you were all aware of this, since there was so
much miscommunication and unpleasantness around this last year.

If you want to have time at the table, please sign up for it as
indicated in the message below. Thanks.

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Subject: FOSDEM 2019 Stand
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2018 12:05:34 -0600
From: Daniel Gruno <[hidden email]>
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Hi folks,
We've been granted a stand at FOSDEM 2019 (2+3 February 2019 in Brussels
at ULB), and as such we have now started setting up a page to track
people, projects, swag etc.

We don't quite know where the stand is yet, but we are expecting it to
be 2nd floor of the K building as usual. It will be a single table
stand, which we will be splitting between the foundation as a whole, and
one other slot for projects to rotate.

Projects that are attending FOSDEM19 should put their project and
representatives on the FOSDEM wiki page at
https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/COMDEV/FOSDEM+2019 which
will also be updated as we get more information.

We *expect* to be able to allot 2-3 hours per project, subject to how
many projects sign up for a session (we have roughly 16 hours available
in total).

If you are interested in just general booth management for the ASF, you
are of course very welcome to do that, just put your name on the signup
sheet :)

With regards,

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