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Matthias Seidel

Hi all,

This problem may be related to the "lost translations" in NSIS:

Users are often confused and extract into the programs folder...

It would be great if we can fix this for 4.1.8.



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Betreff: Open Office not responding
Datum: Mon, 4 Nov 2019 14:58:00 +0000
Von: Michael McIvor [hidden email]
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I get a recurring issue of Open Office ' not responding' when I try to open it.
I got a refurbished Dell Latitude with Windows 10 a few days ago.
I downloaded and fully installed Open Office. It seemed to work ok and
I opened a couple of Word docs and Excel spreadsheets and saved them
as 'Open Office text and Calc docs.
Now when I try to open them or Open Office only it keeps 'not responding'
I have tried Task Manager and End Task without success.

Further info:
When I installed I did not choose the 'desktop' for its location but
into the programs folder on the PC.
Also, once I had installed I then deleted the file from the
'downloads' folder. I did this after I had saved the docs I mentioned.

Any help you can give would be most appreciated.


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