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Sorry, Urvashi, I forgot to include you on the To:


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Subject: Re: [documentation-dev] contribute to user FAQs
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 12:32:18 +0100
From: ccornell - OpenOffice.org <[hidden email]>
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On 02/18/10 23:59, urvashi singh wrote:
> Hi Dev,
> I would like to contribute to openoffice and want to start with user FAQs or anything you deem fit for a beginner. I have been writing and blogging for sometime and am currently updating my IT skills to begin a career in technical writing. Here is a link to my blog:http://urvisins.blogspot.com/.
> I hope to hear from you soon.
> Regards,
> Urvashi.

Hi Urvashi, and welcome to the OpenOffice.org Documentation Project.

The Documentation Project has two main mailing lists:
[hidden email], for discussions related to project
infrastructure and policy, and [hidden email], where
writers, editors, reviewers, and others discuss documents they are
working on.

We recommend you subscribe to each of these mailing lists - if you don't
subscribe, you will not see any replies to your messages, and you will
not be able to participate effectively with the team.

To subscribe to the dev list, send a blank email to
[hidden email]

To subscribe to the authors list, send a blank email to
[hidden email]

To get an overview of the project, look at the Documentation Wiki at
http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation There you will
find most of the documentation that we have available for OOo.  The box
on the top right of the Documentation Wiki, "Want To Help?" contains
some helpful information to help you get started.

Work on the user guides mainly takes place through the OOoAuthors
website, http://oooauthors.org/english Those docs are then made
available through the Documentation wiki.

Most of the other materials produced and maintained by the Documentation
Project, including how-to's, tutorials, and FAQs, as well as documents
for system admins, programmers and developers, are Wiki-based. You
should set up an account on the Wiki as well.

We are in the process of evaluating what the Project is doing and how
it's doing it, so some parts of the Wiki and the website are being
reorganized and rewritten. If some things seem inconsistent or unclear,
that's probably why.

You are welcome to join in. And don't be shy about asking questions on
the list when things are unclear.

Clayton Cornell       [hidden email]
OpenOffice.org Documentation Project co-lead

To unsubscribe, e-mail: [hidden email]
For additional commands, e-mail: [hidden email]