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Fwd: Summer of Code : 6 Projects Above the Line

David Wilson-7
The 6 successful Summer of Code applicants and their tasks have been
announced. (see message below)

There were about 20 SOC  applications for OpenOffice that where judged
suitable to mentor, two applicants were judged suitable to perform
Bibliographic project projects tasks. One of these task was for the Basic
Citation Enhancements to Writer that we really need to get do to continue
with prototyping and other development work. However Google were only funding
six applicants for OpenOffice. The 6 finalists were chosen by the project
mentors (really the list of possible mentors - the list on recipients of the
email quoted below) who were given 5 votes to allocate to their favourite

Unfortunately neither of the two Bibliographic tasks were voted by the mentors
into the final six.  In fact the only person to vote for the bibliographic
tasks was me !

Clearly we have some work to do in promoting the Bibliographic Project within
the OpenOffice community and within the Sun OpenOffice development team.

I am working on proposals to attend the OpenOffice Conference (OOoCon 2006) in
September and if these are accepted the conference will be a good place to
promote the Bibliographic Project.

I would be happy to receive suggestions from list members on how to improve
our status and visibility within OpenOffice.



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Subject: SoC: 6 Projects Above the Line
Date: Tuesday 23 May 2006 10:52 pm
From: Stefan Taxhet <[hidden email]>
To: Stefan Taxhet <[hidden email]>
Cc: Andreas Bregas <[hidden email]>, "eric.bachard"
<[hidden email]>, Tino Rachui - Sun Germany - Development - Software
Engineer <[hidden email]>, Thomas Lange <[hidden email]>,
[hidden email], [hidden email], [hidden email],
[hidden email], [hidden email], [hidden email], michael
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<[hidden email]>, Sven Jacobi <[hidden email]>,
[hidden email], Jürgen Schmidt <[hidden email]>, Hennes
Rohling <[hidden email]>, Louis Suarez-Potts <[hidden email]>,
Fridrich Strba <[hidden email]>, Ocke Janssen
<[hidden email]>, Oliver Specht <[hidden email]>, David Wilson
<[hidden email]>, Florian Reuter <[hidden email]>, Florian Heckl
<[hidden email]>


the following 6 projects are above the line after the ranking period has

UNO service for grammar checkers in OOo Writer.
Bruno César Brito Sant'Anna     Oliver Specht

Mac OS X's Aqua Porting of OpenOffice.org
Pierre de Filippis     Bachard Eric

(Calc) Show formula syntax in tip help
Hugo André Amaral Rodrigues     Niklas Nebel

Import Filter for WordPerfect Graphics files
Ariya Hidayat     Fridrich Strba

Native SQLite driver - Project
André Klitzing     Ocke Janssen

Implementation of BASIC Object Browser
Ramon Garcia Fernandez     Andreas Bregas

I will welcome the students tomorrow after they received their
acceptance mail from Google.
I would like introduce some guidelines covering
- permission to publish student's name / email tied to the project
- request for JCA, SSH-key
- subscription to and usage of public lists
- relevant documentation in the wiki
- request for deliverables and schedule
- specification
- weekly report / blog

So I will bombard them early with all the formal requirements we should
put in place to avoid the mistakes we made last year.



David N. Wilson
Co-Project Lead for the Bibliographic
OpenOffice Project

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