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eric b-3

Just forwarding this excellent news :-)

I know people interested in Mac porting didn't subscribe to mac@portig
mailing list.

Eric Bachard

As you probably already read in Jim's, Simon's and Philipp's blog
entries Sun Microsystems starts to support the Mac OS X Aqua port, where
the Mac community of the OpenOffice.org project already did a lot of
amazing work.

Philipp Lohmann and me will get involved in this effort. My name is
Herbert Duerr. In the last six years I worked on OpenOffice/StarOffice
at Sun in Hamburg, Germany. Mainly in the platform technology and
graphics groups on things like fonts, graphics, performance,
internationalization, etc.

Before this I worked several years at IBM on almost everything that is
storage related: From the smallest parts of hard-disks to the largest
storage system for enterprise customers. From product integration,
performance analysis, last level support for enterprise customers,
production tool development and automated quality measurements
(especially development of software analysis of microscopic images).

Though my background is in electronic engineering (microelectronics) I
was mostly in software over all these years. I developed commercially
for Windows, Solaris, Linux, OS/2, DOS, TOS (Atari-ST) and even for MVS.
In my spare time I also developed on Win-CE and a bit on OS-X.

I'm really happy about this new task. From a technology standpoint of
course and for an important social reason: A lot of people I really
appreciate are addicted to the Mac...

Enough talking from my side, I better get down and dirty with coding.
I'd like to pick up the ATSU integration in VCL that I helped with a
long while ago.


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