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Bruce D'Arcus

Just an update on the likely roadmap for the OpenDocument  
enhancements that we'll be (hopefully!) relying on. I asked Michael  
about the citation improvements approved awhile back, and I'm almost  
certain it'll be either in 1.1 or 1.2. The latter probably makes more  
sense, since it would be coupled with the metadata stuff, but I talk  
to him more about this ...


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg  
> <[hidden email]>
> Date: April 25, 2006 5:48:07 PM EDT
> To: [hidden email]
> Subject: [office] OpenDocument TC Roadmap
> Dear TC members,
> please find below the roadmap proposal we discussed in the last  
> coordination call.
> OpenDocument 1.1: This version includes the first results from the  
> Accessibility SC and (editorial) erratas only. OpenDocument 1.0  
> documents will conform to the OpenDocument 1.1 specification.
> Committee Draft: July 2006
> Public Review: August/September 2006
> Earliest date of OASIS standard voting: November 2006
> The date of the OASIS standard voting applies only if no comments  
> are received during the public review that require a change of the  
> specification.
> If such comments are received, an addional 15 day public review  
> will be required, and the OASIS standard voting would take place  
> later.
> OpenDocument 1.2: This version includes the results from the  
> accessibility,
> meta data and formula SC, as well as addional enhancements that the  
> TC agrees until when. OpenDocument 1.0 and OpenDocument 1.1  
> documents will conform to the OpenDocument 1.2 specification.
> Committee Draft: June 2007
> Public Review: July/August 2007
> Earliest date OASIS standard voting: October 2007
> If the work of the sub committees is finished earlier, and if there  
> are no
> other larger proposals pending at this time, then we of course may  
> finish
> OpenDocument 1.2 earlier. However, I think OpenDocument 1.2 should  
> at least
> include the results of those sub committees we have just started.
> Best regards
> Michael

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