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Werner Schulte
Dear all,

we want to develop an UNO application (C/C++),  which uses Draw to
create a complex graphics, use the UNO
interface to reduce the amount of Objects in that graphics dependent on
meta data, which was attached to
the object during creation time and finally view the result in a HTML
Browser (store it as jpeg, png, ...).

There are two tasks

1. Develop an additional dialog for draw, which can be reached by the
objects context menu or even better
a tool button or by Functional key. Allow the user to attach a name,
value and a comment to the object using that
dialog. Possibly some more information wants to be stored (date/time,

2. Develop a convenience library on top of UNO which allows to reduce
the amount of objects dependent on that meta data.
Idea is to use something like

drawDoc = openDrawDoc( Name )

for ( int i = 0; i < drawDoc.objectCount(); i++ ){
    myObject = drawDoc.getObject( i );
    myDecision =  myObject.getMeta( value );
    if ( !calcResult( myDescision) ){
       drawDoc.hideObject( i );

drawDoc.export( Name, format );

If anyone is interested to either code that for us or provide dedicated
help, please contact me.

Thanks in advance ...

Werner Schulte

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