How do I create custom Appendix page numbers in Writer?

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How do I create custom Appendix page numbers in Writer?

Girvin Herr-2

Using Aoo 4.1.6 Writer under Slackware Linux 14.2 (K4.4.217) and xfce4.

I have a document which I need to add an appendix to at the end. I read
the Writer Guide, but there does not seem to be an example of what I
want to do with the appendix page numbers. I do not want them to
continue from the main document page numbers, so I created an Appendix
page style and used that in the page break dialog to restart the
appendix page numbers at 1. What I want is to have the page numbers be
prefixed by "A" for appendix, to differentiate them from the document
main body in the TOC. I could just add an "A" before the page number
field in the footer, but that "A" would not be reflected in the TOC page
numbers. I want the TOC to reflect "A1", "A2",..., not just restarting
at "1" again. The guide has an example of the Chapter number prefix type
of numbering, such as "2-1", as in Chapter 2, Page 1, but that is not
quite what I want. Is there a way to add such an arbitrary prefix to
page numbers and have the entire page number, including the arbitrary
prefix, be reflected in the TOC?


Girvin Herr

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