How to test for first or subsequent occrance of a citation ?

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How to test for first or subsequent occrance of a citation ?

David Wilson-8
In correctly displaying citations we need a function that indicates whether a
citation is the first or a subsequent citation of a reference. This is
because a first or a subsequent citation often has a different display

The xml format of a citation looks something like this -

     <cite:biblioref cite:key="doe99a" cite:style="year">
       <cite:detail cite:units="pages" cite:begin="23" cite:end="24"/>
     <span class="citation">(1999: 23-24)</span>

The work being referred to is indicated by the cite:key, in this case
So when we add or move a citation that refers to “doe99a" how do we test
whether it is the first or subsequent occurrence in the text (or chapter or
page depending on the options selected) ? Is there an existing code function
that can do this ? Or does a new function need to be constructed ? What would
be the most efficient approach?

There is a cross-reference function to indicate whether a bookmark is
Above/Below the current insertion point. Would  it relevant to use this  
function in some way?

Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.


David N. Wilson
Co-Project Lead for the Bibliographic
OpenOffice Project

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