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Hunspell and compound words


Hunspell affixing has a flag "forbidden", with that you can flag infra-estrutura, and then it will be marked as bad. Hungarian affixes use that flag for sure.
No need to modify hunspell logic for such cases.


However, Brazilian Portuguese adopted a new spelling reform that dropped
some dashes from compound words. Example:

infra-estrutura ( old spelling, not good any more, should be marked as
infraestrutura (new spelling, good one, no issue with it with latest
infra (good)
estrutura (good)

Huspell in 3.2 does not flag "infra-estrutura", although it flags
"infra-extrutura" as  a whole, in accordance to the recent fix in bug 64400.

Is this a specific issue on hunspell or should it be fixed in the
aff/dic files?

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