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[INFO] ProOOBox and Flyer

Peter Kovacs-3
I would like to inform you on a lengthy and broad discussion on dev-de
between Myself, Detlef Nennan, Jörg Schmidt and Jan-Christian Wienandt

My initial Question has been because Jörg hat removed ProOOBox from
Flyer contributors note I did on Cwiki so a recruiter could see what is
who doing. I wanted to know about some background of this.

Further more we talked about the Apache Way and personal issues.

ProOOBox will continue to support AOO, and Jörg has said they are
actively working on updating documentation.

Detlef has renewed his will to contribute to the flyers.

The German Pony Link to the discussion (untranslated. I could not find a
service that worked.):


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