Ignoring a divide by zero error in Writer table formula

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Ignoring a divide by zero error in Writer table formula

Girvin Herr-2

I am using AOO 4.1.6 under Slackware Linux 14.2.

In Writer, I am trying to create a blank data entry form or template
with a table to be filled out later, so all of the to-be-entered values
in the table's cells are zero or null. In a few cells I want to create a
formula that in part divides one cell value by another cell value, both
of which are, of course, zero or null at this time. Normally this divide
by zero is an error, and I am getting an "Expression is faulty" error.
It isn't the expression that is faulty, but the data. How do I get
Writer to ignore this error so the form is clean, until something other
than 0.00 is entered in the divisor cell?

Is there a way to use a conditional in the formula cell, such as: "if
divisor = 0.00 then use 0.01 for divisor else use divisor"?

That would fake it out and keep the form clean (blank with no error
messages) until data is entered and the divisor becomes not zero.



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