Impress in m83 crashes often

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Impress in m83 crashes often

Cor Nouws
Hi friends,

I am working for a few hours now in Impress 300m83.
In an existing presentation.

Have been thrown out about ten times. But never in a manner that I can
  - Sometimes it is just when I hit Ctrl-S.
  - Or Page-up / pg-down after leaving a text frame with Escape..
  - Sometimes Alt-Tab (change application) did  not work.

  (all work with keyboard, if that might make difference)

Since atm I am not able to make a reproducible case, I cannot add
anything useful to IssueTracker for this issue.

Others with alike issues?
Hamburg QA people; need to work on a presentation by incident ;-)


  >> Your office 2010 software: the new <<

Cor Nouws
   - ideas/remarks for the community council?

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