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Java properties L10N support

Ivo Hinkelmann - Sun Germany -
Hi folks,

Short version:
The L10N process now support java properties. If you want exclude your
properties file please mark it at the beginning of the file with a "#
x-no-translate" . If you want your java properties files to be merged
during the build set the PACKAGE variable and add all your properties
files into the L10NPROPERTYFILES variable in the makefile.

Long Version:
There is now java properties support starting from DEV300 m84
(#i112091#). The L10N process will now take care of everything in the
sources named "*.properties" thus if you want to exclude your properties
file then please add a marker "# x-no-translate" direct below of the the
copyright text. The parser stops as soon as this marker is found. I did
that already for all properties files found so far in DEV300 m82
(#i112445#) . If you introduce a new one please add such a marker if you
want to exclude it. Side note, just properties files that are checked in
are taken , nothing in the output trees nor in any zips.

If you want your files be localized e.g. for extensions there is
makefile support (#i112394#):

Please note that it is mandatory that the properties files must reside
beside the, to set the $(PACKAGE) variable and they have to
go into $(CLASSDIR). Ause might generalize this in the future if there
is a need.

PACKAGE = com$/sun$/star$/report$/function$/metadata

see the example for further details.

There is some kind of magic in the parser in the way how it detect and
name the output files. We basically have two different kinds of java
properties. The real ones and those that only look like but that are not
due to historical reasons

Those that the parser will recognize as real ones are ( case sensitive! ):

Those will appear localized in the output tree like

The "other" ones are created by the basic dialog editor and they enforce
a different nameing scheme:

Those will appear localized in the output tree like:

I propose to create all real new java property using the form without
any language code, e.g. "" for en-US

RE dislikes to see:
- Please don't check in any translated files like, etc
- Please don't check in duplicated properties files ( e.g. both and
- Please don't check in any strange names like "my properties" or "mypropfile.pRoPeRtIeS" or
"" etc
- Please don't forget to mark any new files that end with ".properties"
that should not be part of the L10N process

Example session:


 >echo $WITH_LANG
de pt pt-BR

PRJ    = ..$/..$/..$/..$/..$/..$/..
PRJNAME = reportbuilder
TARGET= rpt_java_css_metadata
PACKAGE = com$/sun$/star$/report$/function$/metadata

# --- Settings -----------------------------------------------------
#----- compile .java files -----------------------------------------

          $(CLASSDIR)$/$(PACKAGE)$/ \

# --- Targets ------------------------------------------------------


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