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Hi Jocelyn!

Today it was decided in which way the code and data should
be put in the CVS. Since the result was that UNO components
can not yet be installed by the setup from UNO packages it
will be done in the usual way.

Thus I'll start with it next week. The specification is still
not finished so I will expect at least another week to go by
before we will have the component in actual use at least in a
CWS for the very first time.

What I'd like to ask you right now is to confirm that my version
here namely:
- LanguageGuesser0.1c.tar.gz from September the 1st
- additional fingerprints for Arabic and Japanese
  (with date of Sep. the 3rd and
- further fringerprints for Belarus, Ukrainian,
  Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional)
is the actual latest version of code and data to be integrated.

Also I think the fingerprint maker will not be integrated right
away, since we probably have to discuss if it is to be added
as executable or component with UNO API.

Thus please confirm that I have the latest data and sources
or send me the actual ones to be integrated.


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