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Mac OS X port : call for donations

eric b-3

Mac OS X port needs donations to attend the WWDC 2007 (11 -15th june ).

Please donate to  Cusoon ( )

There is a paypal button, and we can provide you a receipt, including
VAT details, and registration number at french commerce register on demand)

Important : please specify in the subject : donation to Mac OS X port
for WWDC. In case  of problem, contact me directly

Volunteers wanting to attend :
3 people : Shaun McDonald, S├ębastien Plisson and Eric Bachard

Our Objectives for going are :

1) Rendez-Vous : Present our current work to Apple people, easy to meet
only during WWDC ( Apple people can give us a face, and keep the contact )

=> There is information difficult to find or ask by email, or  IRC or
whatever web : direct contact saves a lot of time, and is a very
efficient way to progress with code

2) Expertise : define what is expected for User Interface with people
from  Apple UI project

=> Last year, Apple UI project proposed me to help us, once our native
menus will be working.

This is now done, and meet them cannot be a bad idea :)

3) Find Code : ask for code review and find code snippets for :

- HIView
- Printing
- Drag and Drop
+ more if possible

=> More than 1000  Apple engineers are present, and can answer our
questions regarding the code,  during the whole week

During WWDC2006 we found all the relevant informations for
RunApplicationEventLoop() to be implemented . Without this code,  we
wouldn't have something working at all, because this event loop is the
key for everything in on Mac OS X ( without X11 ).

4) Social Contract : Discuss and meet new developers and / or american
people working for Mac OS X port  (like Michael Sicotte,  Vijay
Venkatraman , other.. )

5) Visibility :  make project visible in an ocean of
other software. This is extremely important because it shows that project is alive for Mac OS X platform.

Many many thanks in advance !!

Eric Bachard,
Co Lead Porting project
[hidden email]

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