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Merge wish list for AOO 4.1.4

Pedro Giffuni

Well I haven't hidden my lack of love for AOO 4.1.4: it's been like two
years of development in trunk with none of it finding it's way into the

Last year I sort of went on with it because 4.1.4 was supposed to be
inminent, but since it's taking so long I made a list of merges from
trunk that I'd like to suggest. The idea is not to match 4.2.0 or even
to modernize AOO, but at least to provide some incremental value against


Proposal: Update ChromeOS fonts from 1.21.0 to version 1.23.0 (trunk has

Merge r1651397 (if feeling adventurous trunk has updated all fonts and
added new ones).


Proposal: Update it from 0.9.8zg to 0.9.8zh (trunk has 1.0.2h)

Merge: r1722228, r1722238, r1722239


Proposal: Update it from 2.7.6 to 2.7.8 (trunk has 2.7.13)

Merge: r1722635

Misc fixes

r1779672, r1779758 fixes issues found with clang 4.

r1779875 permits building AOO with newer hunspell.


This is just off the top of my head, trunk/4.2 has many other nice
fixes/updates than I can't list here.


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