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Meson: yet another build system

Louis Suárez-Potts-3
Pedro, *
Thanks for the hint. I've not tried Meson ( out yet and am just reading up on "Wrap",* the tech that Meson uses.

"Why is it called Meson?

(When the name was originally chosen, there were two main limitations: there must not exist either a Debian package or a Sourceforge project of the given name. This ruled out tens of potential project names. At some point the name Gluon was considered. Gluons are elementary particles that hold protons and neutrons together, much like a build system's job is to take pieces of source code and a compiler and bind them to a complete whole.

(Unfortunately this name was taken, too. Then the rest of physical elementary particles were examined and Meson was found to be available.")**

If Meson works as one would hope, and if it satisfies the licensing requirements of the project, and if it is easier to use than existing (frustrating, for me, at least) means.....


* Meson's Wrap documentation

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