Moon, Braille, and ASL

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Moon, Braille, and ASL

Jonathon Blake

I'm not sure whether to ask this on the accessibility, native-lang, or
linguacomponent list.
[So I sent it to all three.]

When a language uses two or more writing systems, the "traditional"
thing in OOo has been to list the language, and the writing system in
parenthensis.  EG:  Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (traditional), or
Uzbek (Latin), Uzbec (Cyrillic).

For OOo to provide "native" support for ASL, Braille, and Moon, should:

i) ASL be created as a language/writing system in its own right?

ii) Moon be created as a language/writing system in its own right?
[ AFAIK, it is not used outside of the UK.  within the UK it is only
used for English.]

iii) Braile be added as an alternative writing system for each
language,  and/or the followign also added:
* Braile Grade 0;
* Braille Grade 1;
* Braille Grade 1.5;
* Braile Grade 2;
* Braille Grade 2.5;
* Braille Grade 3;
* Nemeth Code;

The issue with adding Braille as a language/writing system, is that it
limits Braille output to monolingual documents.  {Or documents that
have been neither spellchecked, nor grammer checked, after conversion
to Braille, but in different languages.]

Or have I missed something obvious, that allows for spell checking and
grammar checking for those writing systems, in documents that also
contain the material using the "normal" writing system(s)  of the


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