New API tools to keep users away from or Tables

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New API tools to keep users away from or Tables

Fernand Vanrie
Sinds 3.3.0 we got some new tools to keep or users away from the
database tables.

Using OO as a front end for a SQL server  is made far more easy now.  If
we want to use the data-source browser to use data from a SQL table then
there was no other way than Registering a OO-Database-file with a "user"
who have some rights on the SQL server. Problem was that the user rights
stayed open as long OO was not been closed.
Now we can do better

    oDBcontext = CreateUnoService("")

    if not oDBcontext.hasbyname("mysql_OOdatabase")then

 >> here we can  use the OOdatabase

   oConn =

   oDBcontext.revokeobject( "mysql_OOdatabase"

Thanks for this new tools